Kaiser Chiefs bassist Simon Rix has been discussing Leeds United's recruitment and what the club do about returning loan players: "I think I'm being overly positive because I would prefer none of them to stay, but I understand there is a financial implication.

"I would like to have some money to buy other people we need - a striker, a number 10, a central defender, maybe a left-back but I don't think that will happen.

"I do also think it is a bit harsh on the previous regime even with Laurens De Bock. Because I think there is always a thing where, if I make you my director of football for my football team, I'm only telling you I have got £500,000 to spend on a left back, find me one in January. You go 'there is this guy Laurens De Bock, he's OK'. But he isn't good is he? Because otherwise he would be £5m.

"The disappointing thing about the previous regime was when we were trying to buy cheap and make a profit like on Raphinha, that is when it worked, but it also didn't work on some other players. The thing that was most disappointing was when we went 'OK, we are actually going to spend some proper money now, we're going to get Brenden Aaronson, Rasmus Kristensen and Weston McKennie' and they were all terrible. That was the problem.

"Even with Georgino Rutter, there is a time to go for your record signing. When you need a certain something to get you out of relegation, we have seen amazing things out of him this last season and I love the fact he is at Leeds, but having now seen what he offers we couldn't have picked a more wrong player for what we needed at that time."

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