Immediately after the final whistle, the Spanish party erupted in Munich on Tuesday night. A swinging Spain sent home a France out of form, qualifying for the final of the European Championships. 

This championship, however, suffers from a remarkable number of 'pitch invaders'. Even after the whistle, a man in a Turkish shirt wanted to join the Spanish players and score a selfie. However, a slightly overenthusiastic steward slipped and accidentally tackled Alvaro Morata. The latter immediately groped for the right knee and then limped off the pitch. It is not yet clear what the damage is to the top Spanish striker and whether the Spanish captain will miss the final due to this unfortunate coincidence. 

Afterwards, national coach Luis de la Fuente did come up with a somewhat reassuring update. "We don't think it is serious, but he is in pain. We have to wait and will only be able to judge later."

(FVDV for Tagtik/Illustration picture: Picture by Arvedui89 via Wikicommons licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)

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